Hello readers, here is a little bit about me and my various Crux Software projects

All Crux software is currently developed by me, hopefully that will change soon now it is open source.
For details on how to get involved, please drop me an email

About Me:

I am a 25 year old web developer from England (Northumberland to be exact).
At the moment, PHP, MySQL and CSS are more hobbies than anything serious, but I'm working on changing that (offers on a postcard)

As well as developing the Crux products, I also do some freelance development work creating other bespoke applications or websites via my other website (being redesigned as we speak)

If you have any comments about the site, the programs or anything, feel free to drop me an email using the contact form here


About Crux:

Crux all started with the content management system.
One of my websites had grown quite quickly and I was bored of manually updating all of the pages each time, so in January 2006 I decided to teach myself PHP (thank you Tizag and PHP.Net

The first version of the CMS was a very basic flat file system (I hadn't moved on the MySQL yet), which worked ok, but was a bit basic

Next came the move the MySQL and CruxCMS was born. The first versions were extremely simple and then gradually new modules were added, pages redesigned until the current Version 3.00

After finishing CruxCMS Ver 2.00 I decided to build CruxPA because I felt I could use it myself.
That hasn't changed much since the original version, a basic contact manager was added and a new design introduced, but technically it is still much the same

CruxSupport is the most recent of the applications, built for me to use with my clients which is why the unusual set of features.

None of the Crux apps will ever truly be finished, I keep having new ideas for them all

Plans for the future - keep developing the current applications and probably create some new ones too...watch this space