Listed below are the key features of CruxSupport

  • Web-based can be accessed anywhere
  • Fully database powered, all fields stored in the database for simple amendments
  • Ticket booking system for support requests
  • Comments section for each ticket with admin only comments
  • Ability to progress a ticket for appointment booking
  • Full appointment diary, with length of appointment, opening times and number of appointments per slot all selected via admin section
  • Simple calendar to easily view free appointment slots and 1 click booking
  • Email updates for any changes to tickers/bookings
  • Capture of basic system information for IT companies
  • Full customer database with search function and a list of recent tickets
  • Admin bookings section where system administrators can view and print upcoming appointments including selecting by technician.
  • Full admin search engine with ability to search from any field
  • Simple, easy to use interface
  • Full installer for hosting on own system
  • Favicon support
  • Database prefix for multiple installations
  • MD5 Password for security
  • Password reset option